The Abuja Ark International Church

 We are a diverse, international community journeying together and growing in Christ, reflecting God's love and truth in Abuja.

Our ministries
Sermons Planning

Annual Sermon Planning and coordinations of Volunteers for Preaching. Collaboration with Sunday School  in linking sermons to Sunday school lessons

Service Coordination

Preparations are in place for each upcoming worship service
Scheduling and management of Service Leaders. Managing weekly email bulletin for upcoming church service, custodial care of volunteer list/clipboard

Worship Team and Church Set Up Coordination

Scheduling and managing  Worship Team Leaders, ensuring setup before each service is organized and completed

Sunday School 

Provide material for Sunday School and provide administrative back up to Sunday School leader(s)

Ensure supply closet is organized and materials are readily available.
Need to work with sermon leaders to harmonize Sunday school and main church activities

Community Groups and Bible Studies

Organizing in-house and external events for church such as Bible Studies, Community Groups, Potbless, Thematic area events, etc.
Set up a community committee


Management of tithes and offerings at the church, exploring classes/sermons to encourage biblical stewardship, backup to Treasurer for church collections deposit


Uploads sermons to The Ark website periodically perform updates to The Ark website (photos from recent events, major announcements, etc.), update of software/hardware versions and social media


Welfare committee and keeps LT informed of welfare needs in the church